It’s the Monday after daylight savings ugh!

This is something that I never thought I would be doing sharing my feelings with complete strangers. But the way things are going, no one will read it anyway. Writing it down just might get it out of my own head.

I’ve quit my job of twenty five years and realized I’ve wasted all that time in a position that was a joke. Not going to get down and dirty but let’s say, NOT GOOD! What should I do now? Well, my hobby for the past twenty years has been family history research, actually it is an obsession. a bit of a rush to investigate, (some might say snoop) and discover the unknown.

It began with my own family’s history over two decades ago, when I found out not only do I love this but I’m good at it. You know once people hear that the word genealogy, they are unsure exactly what it means. What normally follows is an explanation of how you find data on someone’s family and all about records that are available. To me, I would rather be called a family history researcher than a genealogist. All of us like to find “those missing records,” but I really LOVE the story behind them.

What I have come to realize is that for every single family tree that I have completed, I sort of formed a bond with the people inside that tree. It feels as though you know and fall in love with them. Not only do you feel their struggle and success but you understand their journey. It should be something that we all realize about those who came before us.

Life ain’t easy and every person’s quest needs to be appreciated.

Thanks for using your time to read my thoughts and if you are interested in discovering your Family’s Story, contact me at

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