Guess Who Moved Next Door?

Have been living in the same home for the past 35 years and come to the realization that my two next door neighbors have moved away this past Fall. It is a bit scary to be the “OLD” person in the neighborhood. For years, this is the time that everyone would reappear after the winter’s hibernation period had ended. Our old crew respected the neighborhood’s “don’t bother me unless necessary” policy, and we grew to understand and accept each other’s quirks and behaviors. No longer were our children little or for that matter home, so we didn’t really see each other often like when the kids were young. Right now, I feel abandoned to some extent. It is not like they didn’t say goodbye, but now what.

I believe the why I am feeling so strange is the who that moved next door. Let’s start with the area where I live, it’s a normal street with a good amount of traffic in a shore town, definitely not rural. The houses are not too close but certainly not that far away from each other either. Right around Christmas, I heard banging in the back yard and looked out the window and saw the new neighbors hammering and fixing their shed. Sort of odd, because the shed never seemed to have any issues, it’s where the lawn equipment was stored.

A few days later, I heard some strange noises in my bedroom which is approximately 20 feet from the shed. Looking out the window, I am shocked to find the shed has been transformed into a coop with the neighbor calling to some farm animals. Yup, she speaks to them as if they were children during feeding time. It has now grown to several chickens, ducks, who knows how many dogs and cats. Today, I thought I saw a giant size turkey.

Maybe now my earlier statement is more understandable when I wrote, it is the who that moved next door that I am a bit upset over. Old MacDonald and her farm should not be living next door to me. And I certainly don’t want to hear cackling, quacking and barking all day long. Nor do I appreciate the banging of the feed bucket, all I want to know is where are my old neighbors?

Any suggestions as to now what?

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