Spring is in the Air!

Another Spring has come or has it? It was below freezing this morning with frost on the car’s window. Every year, that stupid groundhog predicts how long winter will last and I don’t know about anyone else, but who really cares. It’s a crap shoot! Wasn’t that groundhog dropped on it’s head last year by the Mayor of New York? I’m certainly not betting the house on his prediction. Why is the groundhog charade still happening anyway? Does anyone in their right mind really believe a groundhog? Or should we believe the weather forecasters who have the only job that allows you to be correct whenever you are.

What did occur today was my new neighbor was outside raking and doing yard work. Hopefully, another winter has passed but then I thought, should I really believe that Spring is here? Haven’t I been fooled before? There I stood thinking; first the groundhog, the news people and this lady and I know it is all a ruse to suck you in when boom, a blast of winter comes barreling back in with a foot of snow covering all those pretty crocuses! And instead of joining the masses, I made my own prediction, I think I will need to stay inside and check my email.

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