You did what?

Everyone remembers the horrific words said when your mother dies. My nightmare passed its twenty year mark in October. I can still recall every single thing that happened that night.

Within months of her death, I realized that no longer had our family history at my fingertips. I decided to join the Ancestry website to fill in some answers to questions that I had longed to know. My mother was brutally honest, but there were times when I wondered is she not telling me something.

What I discovered was a world of research and if I am totally honest, I absolutely love. The quest to find some buried secret or record has given me excitement beyond my wildest imagination. In my opinion, it is the most addictive hobby to embark on because there is new data released all the time.

Everyone in the family thinks you’re crazy until their child’s dreaded school assignment, the family tree. You are the first person they call and the extra credit behind that A plus, naturalization, military records with Civil War photographs cause a stir within a history teacher’s heart.

I have completed my genealogy, along with most of our friends and decided to share my abilities with those that are looking to find their own family’s story. If you are interested, check out my website and let’s work together.

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