Keep, Donate or Throw

I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but Spring always makes me feel like it is time to purge my house. Maybe it is the season when you first open up your windows? More likely, it has to do with the fact that the wind has blown my junk all over the room.

Is this Mother Nature’s way to make me feel guilty for my laziness during the winter months? Because if this is the case, you have accomplished your mission, Mother! Today, I started the hibernation pile. It consists of tax related paperwork, the “I have no idea why I kept it” junk mail and my least favorite, “this needs to be filed, but I’m too tired to do it.”

Believe it or not, I actually surprised myself and threw out the unnecessary hoard and filed the rest. My two garbage cans in the office were not happy and the filing cabinet was feeling a little stuffed, but overall a very productive day.

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