Missing Gaps in Family?

In my experience, I have found that every family has something in their past that has been kept hidden. Between research and the common use of DNA in genealogy, the most unusual information can be discovered. And depending on the situation, it could be a wonderful surprise, a shocking story or a life changing event.

Ancestry has done an excellent job in advertising to entice people to take DNA tests to find their ethnicity. In my business, DNA is a great tool to connect the genealogical and scientific worlds and to guarantee research is correct. I am a huge proponent of the utilization of DNA in cases ONLY when a client is fully aware of the possible results.

With my clients, my first question to them is, “What is it you want to know about your family history, and what don’t you want to know?” “Because, every family has skeletons in the closet, and they are just waiting for someone to open that door.” These statements are made based on prior discoveries and uncomfortable conversations after the fact.

One fulfilling aspect of my business with the involvement of DNA is to make a biological connection between family members. I am proud of these successful endeavors and the bond that I’ve formed with these special people. Without a doubt, it is the most rewarding part of family history.

All I wish for any of my clients is a great experience, and for them to be informed and know the consequences of their actions. If you are looking to fill in any gaps in your family history, contact me at carolyounggenealogy.com.

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