Where have the words gone?

Trying to figure out where my vocabulary went? Wonder how many others are experiencing brain void?

Out of blue, I will be in the midst of typing or speaking and can’t remember a word. It’s the weirdest feeling, as if it’s inside playing hide and seek with me. Sometimes, I am in the middle of a sentence can see the word but can’t say or type it. Frustrating is a nice way to put it without using foul language. Why are those words NEVER missing? Actually, they are always waiting in the front of the line.

Age plays games with you! First, you forget what you went into a room for, so you have to stand for a couple of seconds to recall it.

Next, in order to remember, you have to physically leave the room, go back to the place where you were to remember what you were looking for and boom there it is.

Now, you have to write it down before you do anything.

I do believe that old age has upped it’s game.

Your thoughts?

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