Mom, I’ve just been in a car accident.

A short time ago, the cell rang and my son’s name pops up, “Mom, I’ve just been in a car accident.” he said, voice quivering. “Are you okay?” I ask. “I’m fine, but I don’t know what happened.” I can hear his panic, which causes my own heart to race and I know what he needs right now.

Time for my Mom tone to kick in, “Listen, take a breath and calm down.” “Is anyone hurt?” I ask this question, hoping and praying that his answer will be no. “Ma, everyone is fine! But, I don’t know where my registration or insurance stuff is,” his breath becoming more rapid. “There are copies of both here, if you want I’ll take pictures and send to your cell.” The relieved answer is “Yes.” “And Mom, I’m sorry! Gotta go, the police are here.”

As I hang up the phone, tears begin to fall from my eyes. He is my only child and the thought that he was physically capable to call, has shaken me to my core. He worries that I am angry and disappointed. But what he doesn’t realize is that without him, my life would cease to have meaning.

So, the car will need to be repaired and insurance rates will increase, but what he has no clue about is I’m not devastated by it. His well being is more important than anything else in my world.

Another situation, when I hear my own mother’s voice, “I don’t care how old you are, you will always be my baby.” Just wish she was still alive, because I could sure use to hear her Mom’s tone right about now.

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