About Me

Guess if you clicked the About Me link you are wondering who I am. So here is a little personal information, I was born and raised in a small town called Belleville, New Jersey. A shy girl who grew up to be . . . well, not so quiet anymore and most definitely not how one would describe me today. If you are looking for a detailed oriented person to take you on a family history journey filled with fun. ask for Sharon. I promise you’ll learn things you never knew about your ancestors and won’t be disappointed.

About two decades ago, my quest to discover the reason behind my great grandfather’s immigration from Ireland to the United States began. Was it true that he was a murderer, as family folklore had believed? Had he really killed two English soldiers, escaped to England then ended up in the States? How I found the real story was through lots of research, determination & an insatiable quench for family history.

For those of you wondering, my Irish great grandfather was NOT a murderer. My research indicates two possibilities, the first was his “gift of gab” could be to blame, but more likely, he was “two sheets to the wind” bragging in a gin mill.

The search for the truth motivated me to explore my ancestors’ origins and ignited a passion to discover their past. In many ways, the quest has given me a fascinating present and hopefully a historic future.

History has shaped us in many ways and it is vital that we as people know our history. There are many heroes and villains in the past. There were also countless ordinary folks that did nothing but struggle to get by and provide for their families. Those mundane struggles gave us and our families a future.

There are two options available for the Family History Projects, one includes DNA from the client and the other DNA is not necessary. Specific information can be found on their designated pages.

My costs are very reasonable when compared to other Family History Researchers or Genealogy Companies on the internet. I believe it is an honor and privilege to research a client’s ancestors and I hope that you will allow me the opportunity to acquaint you with yours.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or inquiries.