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Family Skeletons in Closet?

Everyone has them! It’s all a matter of what you should do when you find them. Play video

Tales of a Grandparent

Do you recall the family stories that your parents & grandparents shared with you? You know the ones that were passed down from generation to generation. Here’s a question, what did they sugarcoat or neglect to tell? We have all experienced the abrupt silence…

Missing Gaps in Family?

In my experience, I have found that every family has something in their past that has been kept hidden. Between research and the common use of DNA in genealogy, the most unusual information can be discovered. And depending on the situation, it could be…

Keep, Donate or Throw

I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but Spring always makes me feel like it is time to purge my house. Maybe it is the season when you first open up your windows? More likely, it has to do with the fact…

What Are The Chances? Part III

The earlier blogs in this story have dealt with an unusual discovery and fate. This blog tells how two strangers became family walking in their ancestors footsteps. With the crazy phone calls to our relatives over, we walked down the path toward the cemetery….

“What are the chances” Part II

Short recap: While trying to help a stranger from Ireland locate what happened to his great uncle after he immigrated to the United States, I discover we are related. My first thought was, how do I send Brendan (the Irish man) this information and…

“What are the chances? Part I

This will be the first in a series of my genealogical research stories. As I previously disclosed in an earlier post, I have been involved in Genealogy for almost two decades. This story is the one that seems to touch closest to my heart….

Where are those old newspaper articles?

Have you read your family member’s birth, wedding or death announcements? Are you missing your school accolades? Years ago, a newspaper was Social Media with many interesting tidbits inside its’ pages. Most of these newspapers were thrown out years ago, but I can locate…

The Season of Beginnings

Springtime is the season for new beginnings. The journey of your ancestors began someplace, do you know where?

Guess Who Moved Next Door?

Have been living in the same home for the past 35 years and come to the realization that my two next door neighbors have moved away this past Fall. It is a bit scary to be the “OLD” person in the neighborhood. For years,…

Are you looking for an unusual gift for family member?

Those special days are approaching! When a gift is needed but you are not sure what to buy. I might have the solution to your quest for the gift guaranteed to wow the crowd. This item tends to be the hit of a party,…

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