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AncestryDNA® tests are necessary for Lives Long Lost and Who Am I
projects to have a successful outcome.  The price for the DNA test
is included in the cost of these projects.  

AncestryDNA® results usually take 6 -8 weeks for processing and
once completed, you will receive your ethnicity estimates and 
my work begins.  If you have any inquiries or concerns in regard
to DNA process, contact me before you order the Lives Long Lost or
Who Am I project.
 I project.

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What’s the Scoop

Take a trip down memory lane . . . using old newspapers. I find relevant articles on specific family members, loved ones or friends. Most times, these articles have never been seen. All items are printed and placed in binder.


Family Tree

Your personal family tree is created using genealogical research based on information such as passenger lists, censuses and vital records. A family tree will be provided to you with several types of charts.


Family History – USB Flash Drive & Book

Your Family History is more detailed than the Family Tree. It includes copies of genealogical records on both maternal and paternal sides of your family, newspaper articles through research spanning decades. Everything will be compiled and sent to you with a Personal Family Tree and several types of charts.


Obituary & News Article

Will obtain newspaper obituary or article on specific person. Each item is $10.00.