Family History Project

The Family History project is a more extensive project than the Family Tree. Research will begin on your paternal and maternal sides to locate copies of documents known as vital records such as birth, marriage and death certificates. Various genealogical data like military records and censuses will be obtained from online and archival resources. In addition, newspaper articles and photographs of your ancestors will be obtained spanning many decades.

In addition, this project involves several types of charts and an Ahnentafel report based on your entire family. The acquired research will be gathered in book like form with all pertinent records, put on a USB flash drive which you can receive via email or by regular mail.

An Ahnentafel report or ancestor table is like an ancestor book report which begins with a specific person (you) and moves backward through a person’s ancestors for a number of generations. Each person is designated a number and lists your direct line of ancestors with information about each one.

Sample of Ahnentafel Report

Type of Genealogical Records Available for your family

Sample of the 1870 United States Federal Census with Instructions.

Third image is the 1870 Census reflecting Frederick Douglass, African American Abolitionist and Statesman.

1870 is a historically significant census because it is the first taken after Congress passed the following Amendments to the United States Constitution.

  • 13th – (Slavery abolished)
  • 14th – (Citizenship to all those born and naturalized in the U.S.)
  • 15th – (African Americans granted the right to vote)

History Project Binder (pdf)

or USB Flash Drive

Cost for History Project – $ 500.00

(Initial Flat fee for 16 hours of Research)

Initial payment must be made before work begins

  • Subsequent Hourly Fee – $25.00 – Extra time may be necessary depending on how detailed person wants their family tree.
  • Extra Possible Fees – At times, vital records may need to be ordered at an extra cost. (i.e. biological birth certificate, death certificate).
  • Other fees in addition to hourly fee may include extensive copying, translation of foreign documents.

Out of the respect for the client, I believe that everyone’s family history is personal and confidential. As I proceed with research on your ancestors, a common bond begins to grow. Routinely, it leads me to feel a deep connection, as though I know them. It is for this reason that I do not publish ANY personal information or projects on my website. As a future client, I hope that you will understand and appreciate this courtesy.

Please read the feedback & testimonials from my past clients. I think their words speak volumes about my ability. If necessary, more detailed references can be provided to you.

Hire me, I know you won’t be disappointed!