Spring is in the Air!

Another Spring has come or has it? It was below freezing this morning with frost on the car’s window. Every year, that stupid groundhog predicts how long winter will last and I don’t know about anyone else, but who really cares. It’s a crap shoot! Wasn’t that groundhog dropped on it’s head last year by the Mayor of New York? I’m certainly not betting the house on his prediction. Why is the groundhog charade still happening anyway? Does anyone in their right mind really believe a groundhog? Or should we believe the weather forecasters who have the only job that allows you to be correct whenever you are.

What did occur today was my new neighbor was outside raking and doing yard work. Hopefully, another winter has passed but then I thought, should I really believe that Spring is here? Haven’t I been fooled before? There I stood thinking; first the groundhog, the news people and this lady and I know it is all a ruse to suck you in when boom, a blast of winter comes barreling back in with a foot of snow covering all those pretty crocuses! And instead of joining the masses, I made my own prediction, I think I will need to stay inside and check my email.

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It’s the Monday after daylight savings ugh!

This is something that I never thought I would be doing sharing my feelings with complete strangers. But the way things are going, no one will read it anyway. Writing it down just might get it out of my own head.

I’ve quit my job of twenty five years and realized I’ve wasted all that time in a position that was a joke. Not going to get down and dirty but let’s say, NOT GOOD! What should I do now? Well, my hobby for the past twenty years has been family history research, actually it is an obsession. a bit of a rush to investigate, (some might say snoop) and discover the unknown.

It began with my own family’s history over two decades ago, when I found out not only do I love this but I’m good at it. You know once people hear that the word genealogy, they are unsure exactly what it means. What normally follows is an explanation of how you find data on someone’s family and all about records that are available. To me, I would rather be called a family history researcher than a genealogist. All of us like to find “those missing records,” but I really LOVE the story behind them.

What I have come to realize is that for every single family tree that I have completed, I sort of formed a bond with the people inside that tree. It feels as though you know and fall in love with them. Not only do you feel their struggle and success but you understand their journey. It should be something that we all realize about those who came before us.

Life ain’t easy and every person’s quest needs to be appreciated.

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Happy International Women’s Day

Two Strong Women Who Affected My Life! Who were yours?

My Grandmother holding my Mom in 1926. Miss my Mom every single day!

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What’s the Scoop?

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Brooklyn’s deep ‘Ties’ to abolition by Elizabeth Keogh & Leonard Greene from New York Daily News

Two months ago, a genealogy company invited six strangers from across the country to a Brooklyn church to study their family history. What they learned could be in a movie. In fact, it is.

“Railroad Ties,” a short Sundance film, chronicles the group’s journey of discovery and what went along getting the mind-blowing news that they are all the descendants of fugitive slaves and a determined abolitionist, all with ties to the historic Underground Railroad.

The setting was no accident. Plymouth Church, on Orange Street in Brooklyn Heights, was founded in 1847, and led by a leading abolitionist minister, Henry Ward Beecher, whose sister, Harriet Beecher Stowe, wrote the anti-slavery novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

The church was an important station on the Underground Railroad through which slaves from the South were secretly transported to Canada. Known locally as the “Grand Central Depot,” slaves were hidden in the tunnel-like basement beneath the church sanctuary.

“We knew that there were some blanks in our family tree,” Gayle George, a Washington D.C., publishing executive says in the documentary. “I was thinking we might find some connections.”

“I went to Canada for two years ago for the first time in my life and felt as home,” George says. “It was a powerful experience.”

Now, she knows why. Several of her slave ancestors, aided by Plymouth Church abolitionists escaped to Canada.

George, at the invitation of genealogy company, Ancestry.com, was invited to the church to meet with other descendants of the freed slaves and a descendant of an influential abolitionist who helped change a family’s life forever.

Their story of discovery is told in the Sundance film.

“One common misconception was that New York being a free state since 1827 was the safe place for African Americans,” Melissa Collom, the church’s historian, says in the documentary. “And it really wasn’t. New York was heavily, heavily involved in the Southern economy.”

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