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Tales of a Grandparent

Do you recall the family stories that your parents & grandparents shared with you? You know the ones that were passed down from generation to generation. Here’s a question, what did they sugarcoat or neglect to tell? We have all experienced the abrupt silence… Continue Reading “Tales of a Grandparent”

Where have the words gone?

Trying to figure out where my vocabulary went? Wonder how many others are experiencing brain void? Out of blue, I will be in the midst of typing or speaking and can’t remember a word. It’s the weirdest feeling, as if it’s inside playing hide… Continue Reading “Where have the words gone?”

Forty-nine years ago today, my heart broke!

One of my first heart breaks happened forty-nine years ago today. The shocking report that Paul McCartney announces his decision to quit The Beatles can still bring tears to my eyes. Then, it could almost be compared to losing a family member, someone who… Continue Reading “Forty-nine years ago today, my heart broke!”

Who’s Crazy?

Everyone’s Family is a little crazy! I can make learning your Family’s History Fun. You will discover more than you ever thought possible and Definitely NOT, the basic family tree. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me @ carolyounggenealogy@gmail.com.

You did what?

Everyone remembers the horrific words said when your mother dies. My nightmare passed its twenty year mark in October. I can still recall every single thing that happened that night. Within months of her death, I realized that no longer had our family history… Continue Reading “You did what?”

The Season of Beginnings

Springtime is the season for new beginnings. The journey of your ancestors began someplace, do you know where? carolyounggenealogy.com

Are you looking for an unusual gift for family member?

Those special days are approaching! When a gift is needed but you are not sure what to buy. I might have the solution to your quest for the gift guaranteed to wow the crowd. This item tends to be the hit of a party,… Continue Reading “Are you looking for an unusual gift for family member?”

Happy International Women’s Day

Two Strong Women Who Affected My Life! Who were yours? My Grandmother holding my Mom in 1926. Miss my Mom every single day!