C. in N.J. – (Family History)

I was contacted by Sharon one day while working as the Desk Sergeant of the police department in the town which she once lived. She was referred to me by the Chief of Police secretary. Sharon had contacted the Chief’s office where she was looking to get information on a police officer who had served many years ago. I had information on him which assisted her in her search, and she was very appreciative to get.

I have always been interested in my family’s history and ancestry, but never knew much about it. Sharon said that she could and would help me with this. I gave her my parent’s phone number and after a few conversations she was off like a race car. She absolutely amazed us all!

The information which she accumulated is amazing. My Mother’s ancestry she traced back to 1648 and was able to determine that the family came to America on the second ship after the Mayflower. I had known only through family word of mouth that we had ancestors who were part of the American Revolution, and with Sharon’s help, I was able to become a member of the Sons of the American Revolution.

My Father’s history she was able to trace back to the 1500’s in Italy along with baptism records, and documentation of marriages and deaths. Un believe-ably amazing, what she has uncovered.

I will always be in her debt for doing this for me and my family. I can not thank her enough.

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