L. in N.J. – (Who Am I?)

     “I recently had the opportunity of having Sharon do  work on the Genealogy and my family on both my mother and father’s side of the family. She was able to provide me with the most interesting information regarding my ancestors. I have found it and continue to find the information so interesting. 

     She was able to provide birth certificates, death certificates, pictures, newspaper articles, and so much more. My family has found all the information so interesting.  Each time I look through the information I find something new and exciting. It has been a definite family conversation piece.

     I cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and the time she spent researching this information.”

T. in Pennyslvania

“We have known Sharon for many years and recently had her do my genealogy. My wife and I were so pleased and totally surprised at my family history and how quickly and discreetly Sharon completed our folder. We could never had done this alone or as well as she did, and highly recommend her!”

N. in New Jersey

“I have tried for years to find my relatives in Italy only to be thwarted every time.  I used several online companies but they were difficult to navigate.  I then contacted Carol Young Genealogy and she was able to find family members around the world.  She also created a book with newspaper articles and pictures of relatives I never knew I had.”

“She is the BEST.”

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