T of N.J. – (Lives Long Lost)

I have known I was adopted since birth but never had a curiosity about my birth family.

When the state of New Jersey unsealed birth certificates I was 68 years old and realized it was about time I looked at my birth certificate. I got the certificate and it contained pertinent birth information including my birth mother’s name and her address at the time of my birth. I contacted Sharon who I knew worked on genealogy . What I had hoped at the time was that just maybe I would find out the type of life my birth mother had lived. I had been put on a path by this woman that gave me a full, happy and loving life (not without its peaks and valleys). I was hoping she had a good life.

Within a short period of time, Sharon was able to find a member of the family my birth mother had worked for at the time of my birth. She was able and more than willing to tell me what a lovely person she was and the type of life she had led. I was thrilled beyond belief that after 68 years and no knowledge of my history, Sharon was able to put this information in my lap.

Then came another turn! Through Sharon’s efforts she was able to find birth family members, starting with a 3rd cousin and then eventually turning up 12 first cousins! When a scheduled trip to Ireland was mentioned these family members (all of whom reside in Ireland) requested that we meet. At age 69 I walked into a room and was surrounded by family who I resembled. I cannot say how this experience has colored my world. I never in my wildest dreams envisioned find out the information I now have. I haven’t even begun to pursue the information that Sharon has uncovered about my birth father.

Her work and passion for this field is amazing. She is willing to take you on a path where you feel comfortable. It is never too late to pursue your history!

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