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M in PA. – (What’s the Scoop)

What’s the Scoop was the hit of my mother’s 90th birthday party! It was the gift that everyone wanted to read. The binder remained open the entire party with many photos taken. So much fun to see articles for birth and engagement announcements of… Continue Reading “M in PA. – (What’s the Scoop)”

T of N.J. – (Lives Long Lost)

I have known I was adopted since birth but never had a curiosity about my birth family. When the state of New Jersey unsealed birth certificates I was 68 years old and realized it was about time I looked at my birth certificate. I… Continue Reading “T of N.J. – (Lives Long Lost)”

Unnamed (Lives Long Lost)

She found my biological father using DNA & connected me to his family, I am in midst of establishing a relationship with them.  Words cannot express how quick this happened.    Awesome is only word I can think of how to describe it.   Anonymous

R. in N.J. – (Who Am I?)

Was hoping to discover more about my African American heritage.  Utterly speechless with the presentation & final project, I felt as though I was a participant on the PBS program, “Finding Your Roots.” I Highly Recommend!

M. in CA. – (Family Tree)

While on vacation, I heard her discussing another person’s family history.   Questions and answers between us turned into a couple of hours and resulted in an entire family tree.  I needed to call my mother & aunt in Louisiana for confirmation on her research.  They… Continue Reading “M. in CA. – (Family Tree)”

B. in Ireland – (Family)

My dad spent years searching for his uncle who left Ireland in the early 1900’s. Awhile back, she located where my uncle emigrated to in the United States. Shortly afterward, I had a business trip from Dublin to the United States. She personally took… Continue Reading “B. in Ireland – (Family)”

T. of PA. – (Family History)

I recently had the opportunity of having Sharon do work on my Genealogy and my family, on both my mother and father’s side of the family. Sharon was able to provide me with the most interesting information regarding my ancestors. I have found it… Continue Reading “T. of PA. – (Family History)”

C. in N.J. – (Family History)

I was contacted by Sharon one day while working as the Desk Sergeant of the police department in the town which she once lived. She was referred to me by the Chief of Police secretary. Sharon had contacted the Chief’s office where she was… Continue Reading “C. in N.J. – (Family History)”

N. in N.J. – (Family History) (What’s the Scoop)

“We have known Sharon for many years and recently had her do my genealogy. My wife and I were so pleased and totally surprised at my family history and how quickly and discreetly Sharon completed our folder. We could never had done this alone… Continue Reading “N. in N.J. – (Family History) (What’s the Scoop)”

L. in N.J. – (Who Am I?)

     “I recently had the opportunity of having Sharon do  work on the Genealogy and my family on both my mother and father’s side of the family. She was able to provide me with the most interesting information regarding my ancestors. I have found… Continue Reading “L. in N.J. – (Who Am I?)”